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This is a backup of how the website of the website of Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS), used to look like.

Dies ist eine Backup, wie die Website des Austrian International School of Sex (AISOS), früher aussah.



Clitoral stimulation modulates appetitive sexual behavior and facilitates reproduction in rats.

In rats, sexual reward, appetitive sexual behaviors and reproduction are modulated by the amount and rate of vaginocervical stimulation. Here the effect of clitoral stimulation (CLS) on proceptivity was assessed. In Exp 1, ovariectomized, hormone-primed Wistar females formed three groups: G1 (1 CLS every second), G2 (1 CLS every 5s) and G3 (no CLS). Precopulatory CLS consisted of 5cycles of 1min of stimulation with the tip of a cotton swab connected to a vibrator device, followed by 1-2min of rest. CLS increased proceptive behavior in G1 compared to G2, but not compared to G3. In Exp 2, gonadally-intact rats in late proestrous received CLS prior to copulation. No differences in sexual behavior were detected between the groups, but CLS enhanced reproduction in females that received >9 intromissions. 28, 66 and 10% of females became pregnant in G1, G2, and G3, respectively. These data indicate that precopulatory CLS affects proceptive behaviors depending on the pattern and rhythm of stimulation in hormone-primed females. In virgin rats that have received sufficient vagino cervical stimulation CLS also increases fertility.

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Student Forum

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A great deal of research is regularly conducted within the facilities of the school. The first two professors in applied sexuality, Anitra Bloom and Leon Rausberg will be engaged in conducting scientific studies and fieldwork. They will be accompanied by Joannah Hasselthorpe who will study the medical aspects of sexual complicity.

A majority of the research is financed by the National Health Laboratory (LNS) of Luxembourg.

As part of our research, we will launch one of the world’s most extensive collection of links concerning the benefits of sexuality. If you have recommendations please email info@aisos.at.

We have applied for funding for a study on sexuality in cats that will be executed in March of 2012. Studies in rats have shown some very interesting results and we will use this work as a foundation for our research. The work will be done by Tamara Cibrian-Llanderal; Miriam Tecamachaltzi-Silvaran; Rodrigo Triana-Del Rio; James G Pfaus; Jorge Manzo; Genaro A Coria-Avila.

We welcome Dr. Leon Rausberg and hope he’ll enjoy 10 weeks in Austria. (Judging from this picture he seems to adopt quickly).

Die Studienräume stehen bereit

Aisos besitzt ein kleines Anwesen in der Nähe von Wien. Eine Villa aus dem 18. Jahrhundert, eingebettet in einem großzügigen Park.

Hier ist der ideale Platz und Begegnunsort für unsere Akademie, natürlich nicht nur technisch ausgestattet mit allem, was Sie sich erwarten und vorstellen.

In diesem Anwesen, das völlig neu gestaltet wurde, können bis zu 20 Studenten ihre Studien und ihr Leben genießen.Â

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The Annex is ready

The AISOS building is a small estate located about half an hour drive away from Vienna. Hidden deep within the expanses of lush greenery, the 18th century mansion has been refurnished to meet with the School’s demands and is complete with high-tech teaching rooms and a physics lab.

Also available, is a brand new annex housing designed to provide cozy living quarters for up to 20 students. This annex will also be equipped with dining and seminar facilities.

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To appreciate the significance of sexual difference

1. To make affection, sex, and love a constructive rather than a destructive force in modern society.

2. To develop feelings of self-identity, self-respect, and moral responsibility as an integral part of their personality and character development.

3. To understand and appreciate the sexual side of human nature psycho-sexual development may occur as normally and healthily as possible without feelings of indecency, embarrassment or undue guilt.

We constantly need to remind ourselves about the importance of sex. In 2004, Macnab outlined some of the major objectives of Sex education. Here are Macnab’s three first objectives.

The headmaster’s column

“How much of your life is spent on developing your mental and physical skills and how much do you spend developing your skills at what really matters… love”

Verbotene Werbung

Die österreichische Öffentlichkeit darf unseren Werbespot nicht sehen!

Aber Mord, Verbrechen und Skandale schon: Jeden Tag gibt es durchschnittlich 12 Morde im Fernsehen, als Hintergrund-Unterhaltung. Unsere Wohnungen sind mit Gewalt überflutet. Schöne Bilder eines Paares, welches sich seiner Liebe hin gibt – das scheint mehr zu sein, als die Österreicher vertragen können.

Zumindest sind Rundfunk und Fernsehen davon überzeugt. Es ist für uns schwer nachvollziehbar, dass es schädlicher ist, Liebe zu zeigen statt Mord und Totschlag. Wie viele Leichen hat ein 10 Jahre altes Kind im Fernsehen schon gesehen? 100 oder 1.000? Und wie viele Menschen, die sich lieben? Was ist natürlicher: Mord oder Sex? Vielleicht mag die Antwort unterschiedlich ausfallen, je nach Familie und Umfeld eines Kindes. Wir sind der Meinung, dass die Mehrheit Liebe und Sex präferieren würde. In unserer Gesellschaft muss es eine deutliche Werteverschiebung geben: weg von der Gewalt, hin zur Liebe!

Zum Werbespot

The banned commercial

This is what the Austrian public wasn’t allowed to view. Each day there is an average of 12 murders shown on TV as entertainment. Our living rooms are constantly flooded with images of violence. But to show beautiful images (the images really are beautiful) of a couple in love seems to be more than Austrians can handle—that is if the TV-networks continue have it their way. It is hard to see what the damage would if they were to show love instead of death on prime time TV. Think of it, how many deaths has a 10 years old kid seen on TV? 100? 1000? On the other hand, how many loving people has the same kid seen? Which is more natural, death or sex? Depending on what kind of family the kid is brought up in, the answer may differ, but still, I think the majority would say and prefer sex. That is, if we could start over and incorporate other values into our society; value love more than violence.

Just a thought….

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